What is the
Green Room Collective

The ‘green room’ is a surfing term for riding inside the barrel of a wave.  It is the pinnacle when all the conditions come together in a moment of Zen–like clarity and euphoria.

The Green Room Collective is a group of like-minded people with  diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences who come together to work with you and your team to create conditions that generate clarity of thought, where ideas are nurtured that lead to action.

Our principles for success:

  1. ALWAYS start with a   STRONG & CLEAR brief
  2. Process takes you only so far, PEOPLE CREATE THE MAGIC
  3. Need to get in  the RIGHT MINDSET
  4. New thinking requires FRESH PERSPECTIVES
  5. Ideas should work WORK in BUSINESS REALITIES

Guliz Kavuncuoglu

All through her career Guliz has never been afraid to look at a situation & challenge it.

A whole brain thinker. Brings diverse experience from consumer and shopper marketing, to new business and innovation commercialization. Comfortable in both the expansionist world of ideas and creative thinking as she is in the business & analytics. Always asking the right question at the right time and for being the first to suggest a new approach.

John Van Vleck

A master at applying human perspective and business acumen to come up with innovative business solutions.

Extensive  experience in Advertising and another 15 years as the Global Director of Innovation Ignitor at The Coca-Cola Company has enabled him show his magic in 35 markets, with a proven record in his work  with top global brands and partners like Coca-Cola, Unilever and Mc Donalds.