Our approach

First We Clarify…

Clarifying is a straightforward and zero-cost way to achieve high return on investment.

By reframing business problems with a human lens, at The Green Room Collective, we infuse that humanity into problem-solving.

The clear-cut brief is our road map destined for your business objectives and the best route to overcoming your peskiest challenges.

…and then we align

The next step in this business planning process is all about alignment, creating a simple, inspiring path that people can get behind.

If your goal is to bring a multitude of teams and moving parts together under one project, a 360-degree alignment is the precursor to success.

Next we inspire…

To figure out what you really need and want, we inject that human factor into the equation to help you experience the brief first-hand, by looking where others won’t.

Inspiration doesn’t come easily, but it can be found in low-to-no-cost ways. It could be as simple as holding a business planning session outside the office, in the park, or nearby your target market where you can easily conduct impromptu interviews on the fly.

One of our clients was pleasantly surprised when a change of scenery led to refreshing differences in perspective within his team.

Then we create…

With that inspiration, it’s time to create! We prototype immediately and improve on or drop as we go along. The reason being is that something remarkable happens when you move from the written word to visuals to rough prototypes.

The idea can be seen, touched and help others to see its potential and build upon it.

Finally, we select & action.

The age-old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket” applies to innovative practices in the corporate world.

Rather than run with one good idea, we select a few and put them to the test by turning real-life inspiration into opportunities your business can use to thrive.

Finally, it’s time to give those tried-and-tested ideas the best chance to succeed and connect with your consumer by turning them into action.

Find out how we increased penetration in an already developed category for a market leader, and other cases.

Agencies know their business, corporations know theirs. We have experience on both sides of the aisle.

We blend an insider view with outsider guts. Let’s discuss how to land ideas that work in your business.