Fresh Ingredients

I’ve always felt that music was a perfect metaphor for ideas.  When we hear a song on the radio or on our music player what we hear is the finished form, the fully formed idea.  What we don’t hear are the many iterations that happen before, the initial riff or the initial idea if you will what triggered it and how that is built into something whole. We don’t see the collaboration between the other musicians and their input and how they make the initial idea better.  We don’t see what happens when the band got stuck and how they creatively solved the problem.  What we hear is the finished form which if it’s good feels shiny, new and fresh.  Our clients come to us because somewhere along the line they get stuck and the job of The Green Room Collective is to help them get unstuck.  They get stuck because all to often in the world of business we are looking and analyzing the same things over and over again.  Our clients are looking for something shiny, new and fresh that will help them grow their business.  At The Green Room Collective we believe that to get to fresh ideas and thinking often involves fresh perspectives or as Stewart Copeland the drummer of the rock band The Police put it, new ingredients.  Stewart Copeland is known for his highly musical style and for bringing in very different influences to the basic rock beat.  Stewart grew up in Lebanon listening to the local music which he then adopted in to fit The Police giving a very unique style.  Have a listen to Stewart talking about new ingredients.  The point is the more ingredients we have, the more we have to draw from and apply.  The question then becomes how can we bring fresh or new ingredients into the equation when we get stuck?